Skimmers, Strainers & Chinois

Skimmers, Strainers & Chinois
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20cm.Stainless steel ring and mesh...

$39.95 +GST


24cm.Stainless steel ring and mesh...

$49.95 +GST

Chip Shovel

8" with raised edges. Stainless steel.Suitable for fryers.Length: 670mm (26.4")..

$28.95 +GST

Fat Skimmer

Stainless steel 200mm square skimmer.Suitable for fryers.Length: 660mm (26")..

$32.95 +GST

Vogue Pasta Basket

Vogue stainless steel basket suitable for draining or holding pasta. Dimensions: 230(H) x 200(W) x 3..

$29.95 +GST