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13 Compartment Knife Wallet - Vogue

Knife wallet is smart and practical, the neat and safe solution to organise, protect and transport y..

Ex Tax: $12.95

Diamond Steel

305mm oval sharpening steel.Surface composed of microcrystalline diamonds which means sharpening res..

Ex Tax: $24.95

Dick 11 Piece Knife Set With Roll Bag

Heavy duty lockable roll knife bag containing an 11-piece knife set from Dick Knives. Contents: Che..

Ex Tax: $695.95

Dick 5 Piece Knife Set & Wallet

Including: Cooks, Slicer, Boning, Parer, Shappening Steel and Wallet.The 1905 range from Dick knives..

Ex Tax: $449.95

Dick Culinary Knife Bag

Double side bag with two compartments for 34 knives and ancillary items from Dick knives. Separate c..

Ex Tax: $99.95

Dick Diamond Blade Steel 250mm

A regular cut steel with oval diamond blade to produce the perfect edge. This steel is highly abrasi..

Ex Tax: $79.95

Dick Pro Dynamic 8 Piece Starter Knife Set

Starter set with durable, wipe clean nylon roll bag and Pro Dynamic Dick knife set.Contains: chefs k..

Ex Tax: $199.95

Dick Rapid Steel Action Sharpening Set

An alternative to a sharpening steel, the Dick Rapid Steel has stainless steel sharpening rods with ..

Ex Tax: $139.95

Dick Sharpening Steel 300mm

A regular cut steel with strong oval blade. Dick guarantee high quality sharpening steels that are l..

Ex Tax: $59.95

Hygiplas Chefs Knife Set

A seven piece set with 254mm cooks knife.Set consists of 254mm steel, 254mm cooks, 8" palette, 6" fi..

Ex Tax: $69.90

Hygiplas Chefs Knife Set

A seven piece set with 8" cooks knife.Set consists of 254mm steel, 8" cooks, 8" palette, 6" fillet, ..

Ex Tax: $59.95

Hygiplas Colour Coded Chefs Knife Set

6 piece set supplied in a nylon wallet.Includes 254mm cooks (red), 8.5" cooks (brown) 6" fillet (blu..

Ex Tax: $65.95

Hygiplas Colour Coded Chopping Kit

Hygpilas tough, durable low density easy to clean polyethylene boards supplied with wipe-clean wall ..

Ex Tax: $119.95

Hygiplas Galaxy Metal Knife Set With Briefcase

Hygiplas all-metal stainless steel knife set supplied in lockable, compartmented aluminium case.Lock..

Ex Tax: $79.95