Bains Marie

Bains Marie
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Apuro Bain Marie With Pans

Includes 2 x 1/3 and 2 x 1/6, 150mm deep pans with lids ·  Quality stainless steel cons..

$272.58 +GST

Apuro Bain Marie with Tap & Pans

Complete with 2 x 1/3 pans and 2 x 1/6 pans 150mm deep including lids. ·  Wet heat oper..

$349.00 +GST

Apuro Bain Marie Without Pans

Quality stainless steel construction. Wet heat only operation. Takes containers up to 15..

$289.00 +GST

Portable Sous Vide 1500W

Temperature control within 0.1C Circulates the water (improves temperature consistency versus ..

$268.19 +GST