Conveyor Toaster

Conveyor Toaster
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Birko Conveyor Toaster With 600 Slice Per Hr Capacity

Conveyor Toaster - 600 Slices per hour Simply feed in the bread for perfect toast to roll out ..

$628.18 +GST

Roband Conveyer Toaster With 500 Slice Per Hr Capacity

Conveyor toasters are ideal for caterers, function houses needing to serve large quantities of toast..

$1,349.90 +GST

Woodson W.CT8 Contact Toaster 6-8 Slice Capacity

6 - 8 slice capacity • Spring balanced upper plate provides perfect toasting without crushing th..

$881.00 +GST

Woodson W.GLS30 Salamander

10-12 slice capacity rack size • Stainless steel construction • Simmerstat control to top elemen..

$666.00 +GST

Woodson W.TOV6 Vertical Toaster 6 Slicer Capacity

Fits 6 wide slices (115mm x 115mm x 15mm) • Timer controlled operation • Removable crumb tray ..

$519.00 +GST